Practice Resources

UPPC provides physical therapists with information and resources on professional standards, regulation, evidence based practice, and service delivery, to support them in delivering high quality and effective physical therapy services.

Evidence based practice
UPPC provides online access to a wealth of materials that will support physical therapists in providing effective practice. This includes information on online journals and databases, clinical guidelines and methodological support. UPPC also has a policy statement on EBP.

Professional regulation protects the public by ensuring that physical therapists provide safe and competent care/services. UPPC produces a policy statement on regulation, guideline on regulation, a keynote paper on regulation and details of events addressing regulation.

Scope of practice

UPPC publishes policy documents and ethical principles defining the scope of practice, and publishes information on advanced scope of practice. UPPC’s description of physical therapy sets out the scope of practice and roles of physical therapists, while recognizing that there is diversity internationally.